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Orders for protection and harassment restraining orders are essential to protecting the safety of people in danger of harm. These orders provide certain protections to the victims by restricting the abuser's access to them. Alleged victims and abusers have rights that need to be protected. These are complicated cases that should be handled by an experienced Saint Paul order for protection attorney.

Protecting the Rights of Spouses on Both Sides of Restraining Order Cases

At the law firm of Askvig & Johnson, PLLP, we represent clients on both sides of domestic assault cases. We help victims of abuse seek the protection they need, and we represent alleged abusers who have been served with an order for protection or a harassment restraining order. In either case, we pursue every legal option available in an effort to resolve the matter in a way that benefits our client. Contact our Saint Paul law firm to learn how our comprehensive background can be applied to your case.

When Are Orders for Protection Issued?

An order for protection is issued in domestic violence cases when abuse is alleged between two people who share a significant relationship such as:

  • Divorced couple
  • Married couple
  • Couple with a child together
  • Couple who has previously lived together
  • Parent and child

An order for protection forbids the alleged abuser from committing any type of physical, verbal or emotional abuse. It also forbids any kind of contact with the alleged victim. Our attorneys have extensive experience practicing exclusively in family law. We will relentlessly protect your rights, whether you are pursuing an order of protection or have been threatened with an order.

What Is a Harassment Restraining Order?

Harassment restraining orders can be issued when someone makes repeated acts causing the alleged victim to feel intimidated or threatened. These acts can include:

  • Stalking
  • Actions implying a person's intent to harm you or your property
  • Harassing phone calls, texts, social media posts, letters or packages

In most cases, harassment restraining orders are issued against non-relatives. They order the individual to stop harassing you and to stop all contact with you.

Discuss Your Case With One of Our Domestic Violence Protection Attorneys

Domestic violence cases are often based on one person's word against another person's. When the stakes are high, settle for nothing less than experienced representation. Contact our domestic violence protection lawyers today to schedule a consultation in Saint Paul, Minnesota.