Saint Paul Property Division Lawyers


Of all the issues that need to be resolved in a divorce, one of the most contested can be the division of property and debts. This process involves:

  • Identifying all of the marital assets and debts
  • Assigning an appropriate value to the property
  • Dividing the marital property equitably between the spouses

This can be a highly complicated process. No matter what type of divorce you are dealing with, make sure you invest in an experienced Saint Paul property division attorney focused on protecting your financial interests.

Seeking a Fair Division of Marital Assets and Debts

At the law firm of Askvig & Johnson, PLLP, we have 30 years of combined experience handling the division of marital assets and debts for estates of all sizes. We have settled estates ranging in value from less than $100,000 to high-asset divorces in excess of $400 million. In every case, our goal is to see that you receive a fair settlement. Contact our Saint Paul property division attorneys to learn how we can make sure you obtain an equitable share of the marital property.

Skilled Ramsey County Business Valuation and Division Attorneys

In some cases, the most difficult aspect of property division is separating marital property from non-marital property. In many cases, assets you owned or debts you incurred prior to getting married will continue to be yours after the divorce. Any asset or debt obtained during the marriage is presumed to be marital and is subject to division.

Some marital estates can involve complex assets, including closely held businesses, stock options and retirement assets. We have access to the necessary resources such as business valuation experts, accountants and others who can help ensure that we have a clear financial picture before the division begins.

We can advise you on the potential tax consequences of obtaining a certain asset, while recommending strategies that maximize your best interests. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling complex property divisions. Whether you are a business owner getting divorced or were married to someone with substantial earning capacity, you can feel confident knowing we will protect your property division rights.

Discuss Your Case With Our Minnesota Property Division Attorneys

When your financial interests are on the line, the last thing you need is an overzealous attorney who could make the process even more complicated. At Askvig & Johnson, PLLP, we understand the sensitive issues involved. Our divorce lawyers are committed to protecting your financial interests without adding fuel to the fire. Contact our firm today for an initial consultation in Saint Paul, Minnesota.